2019 and Beyond

We are on par with the latest technology.

In this constantly evolving tech world, SerraTECH
stays on top by leveraging the latest tried and tested
tech solutions and services.

Offering cutting-edge solutions without complicated jargon, or tech tricks. Simple and effective. We work with ALL budgets.

SerraTECH Secura

Disaster Recovery Service

Is your personal or business data truly safe?

Sign up today for our ultra-secure, cloud powered
backup and recovery service to keep your data safe.

Don't rely on external drives to safeguard your files.
These are non-redundant drives that WILL fail.

Secura® plans give you peace of mind when it comes to your information.

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Managed Services

the Smarter way to keep you running.

Try our 24/7 system health monitoring solution.

As part of our preventive maintenance plans,
we provide real-time monitoring of potential problems
on all your workstations and servers.

We'll detect issues and resolve them before they get worse.

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For any environment

Smart tech solutions.

Specializing in Healthcare, Manufacturing and many other trades, our techs and engineers have worked in your industry.

We strive to provide trade-specific services because we understand that every environment is different.

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Cloud Backup

and Recovery


Tech Services
Providing Enterprise-level support. We are at the cutting edge of technology solutions.