Secura DRS


NEVER AGAIN worry about keeping track of backups, checking disk space on your server(s), monitoring logs or installing updates.

We take care of it for you 24/7/365 real time, all the time.
Plans start as low as $129 per month and bring you complete peace of mind.



Hard drives fail, systems are damaged by fire and other natural disasters. Users accidentally delete or overwrite files. Equipment is also subject to theft and vandalism. Most businesses THINK they have their data safe but statistics show that as much as 92% of small to medium businesses do not have a proper disaster recovery system in place.


Our Secura DRS system runs in the background to ensure your data is always backed up and ready to restore in case something bad happens. Using proprietary and industry standard encryption technologies, privacy and security is kept at the highest levels possible with current technology. All data is encrypted to the highest encryption standards available.

Our Secura DRS plans are affordable. Our base plan of 1 Terabyte (1024GB) carries sufficient backup capacity for most small to medium business. Our plans also 100% scalable and will grow as you grow.

We can store anywhere from Terabytes to Exabytes of your data. 1 Exabyte equals 1 BILLION Gigabytes!


Our system stores your data using the same robust technology, security and on the same Datacenter arrays as top companies like Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook and other companies worldwide. Our availability is guaranteed up to 99.99% every month.

Don't wait until a failure, user error, natural disaster or theft occurs to get a proper backup solution in place.

SerraTECH Secura DRS: A true 'Set & Forget' solution for your company data.

Reach Out today and Secure your data with Secura DRS.



The very Best technology to Secure
your business data while being affordable.

-Our industry leading backup; Secura DRS
-Industrial-grade engine
-99.99% guaranteed availability
-Set and Forget system
-Virtually unlimited storage
-Your backups monitored 24/7
-For Servers and Workstations
-Worldwide Site Redundancy


Providing Enterprise-level support.
We are at the cutting-edge of technology solutions.

-Server Support
-Exchange/Office 365
-Firewalls and VPN
-Security Consulting
-Industrial Machinery


We setup medical practices, restaurants,
commercial properties and more.

-Network Design
-Enterprise Systems
-Storage Clusters
-High Availability
-Remote Access


We help prevent failures with 24/7/365
system health monitoring.

-System critical temperature
-Hard drive pre-failure detection
-Hard drive space monitoring
-Windows Updates
-Patch Management
-Antivirus monitoring
-Auto systems optimization


Here are just some of the services we offer.

-Network design and implementation
-Wired, WiFi, copper and fiber
-Converged Storage and Networks
-Complete System migrations
-Server/VM deployment
-Compliance & InfoSec
-New office setups
-Email migration
-Cloud computing
-Firewall Appliances setup


Have a Tech Question? Ask us for Pro Advice.

-Internet sites blocking/monitoring
-Remote Access/Work from home
-Real-time systems alerting
-Software implementation
-Custom IT projects
-Industry Best practices
-Professional IT Consulting
-Overseas deployments
-IT Management consulting

Vantage Services


Increase your up-time with SerraTECH's Vantage Services.

Think about it: Why wait until a system fails to call tech support? How about a cost effective and efficient approach to IT services? With our real-time health monitoring of all your servers and workstations, we keep you up and running by detecting issues before they become a problem.

This allows us to take action before you even notice anything is wrong and get it fixed remotely and fast.

Here are just some of the parameters we monitor on all of your Workstations and Servers:

-Hard drive free space
-Hard drive free space abrupt change
-Hard drive potential mechanical failure (Up to 72 hours prior)
-System temperature
-System Fan operation
-Antivirus definition updates
-Windows updates and patches
-Internet connectivity
-Internal network connectivity
-Other potential hardware failures

Once a faulty condition or pre-set threshold is reached, we get notified instantly and take the best action possible.

Contact Us for a customized quote built specifically for your business.


Commercial & Industrial

Server migration and replacement

If you are running old servers, it's time to upgrade. We will perform a thorough assessment of your current equipment, including your domain controller, file/print and database servers. Based on this we will determine what the best and most effective upgrade path is while making the solution future-proof.
We perform migrations from as low as Windows Server 2003 to the latest Windows Server 2022 versions.

On-site Exchange Server migration to the cloud

It might be wise to move your entire email infrastructure to a cloud-based service. We perform on-site Exchange server migrations to the latest Office 365 plans. This reduces hardware and maintenance costs dramatically. Further, we can manage your new system from top to bottom.

Site-wide Maintenance

Our scope of support not only includes you network and servers, but also your Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Phone and security systems.

Complete Server deployment

SerraTECH can setup your Domain Controller, File/Print, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Web and Email servers. We have a dedicated Enterprise team to deploy and setup any type of server, even Linux based. We also deploy SAN, NAS and VMs.

Networking and Communications

Did you know that SerraTECH can network your office? We can setup the Network for your business. This includes Firewalls, VPNs, Core Routers and WiFi access points or APs.

Security and Monitoring

SerraTECH has helped secure sensitive business systems from threat actors and other online dangers. We also setup monitoring, internet blocking and offer remote monitoring of these security systems to ensure all patches and critical updates are always applied.

As your trusted technology partner, SerraTECH has you covered. We have the resources and expertise to manage your entire company infrastructure.

Why Us?



Our scope of work goes from a small, one person executive suite to high square ft manufacturing facilities and warehouses. We will NOT commit unless we can 100% improve your efficiency and current system infrastructure.


We offer monthly maintenance plans for any size business to ensure that all of your computer systems are up to date with updates, anti-virus definitions and are being backed up regularly. Over 80% of small to medium businesses lack a disaster recovery system. We can evaluate your current situation free of charge.


Call us to setup a free consultation of your current setup. We will put together a solution that woks FOR YOU, not a generic, pre-packaged plan. Our phone number is 562-843-9333.


The 'You get what you pay for' saying is absolutely true in the IT services world. Pay too low and the quality of service and duration of the solution will suffer greatly. BUT, you may also pay too much for inferior solutions and service as well. Our customers have been greatly satisfied with our rates based on the service they received. See for yourself.

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Company Information

SerraTECH, LLC - Established 2013

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SerraTECH is a group of expert techs and system engineers brought together by a passion for Technology and People.

Most IT firms seem to quickly forget that a focus on its customers should be the number one reason
why they should be providing Technology Services and Solutions in the first place.

We have over 30 years of experience in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Talk to us Today.


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