SerraTECH Secura DRS screen-shotData. We believe that nothing will ever happen to it, that it is safe and sound inside our computer’s hard drive. Fire? Earthquake? That’s the last thing on your mind until it actually happens, same as theft and vandalism. However, once your business or personal information is lost because of one or several of these factors, it all becomes very clear: Your information is in danger as long as you are in charge of it.

Sure, you can use a external backup drive, a personal cloud or maybe even USB drives. How about online “cloud” services like (Can’t mention actual brands here but…) the ‘Box I drop’ or the ‘Carbonated knight’ but how reliable and robust are these systems really?

Here’s the issue when you are in charge of your backups: The backup devices you buy are still physical items you have in your home or office, all susceptible to all the bad things physical items can be subjected to and those cloud services are not as robust as you think. Sure, they are great as a temporary method to store and share files but as a disaster recovery solution? No way.

SerraTECH now offers it’s very own, industrial-grade disaster recovery solution for your business. Give us a call or email us at for more information and to get you started.