SerraTECH Secura DRS: A true ‘Set & Forget’ solution for your company data.
NEVER worry about keeping track of backups, checking disk space on your server(s), monitoring logs or installing updates. We take care of it for you 24/7/365 real time.
Plans start as low as $129/month with no long term commitments, cancel anytime.
The only time you would need to contact us is in the event of a system failure, theft, natural disaster or user error.
Even when these unfortunate events occur, having your data secured with Secura DRS makes the unfortunate situation become hassle-free.
We specialize in the backup of:
-Database servers (Such as SQL, Oracle, etc.)
-Domain Controllers and Exchange servers
-Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) systems
-Accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, etc.
-Customer Management Systems (CRM, etc)
-Inventory management systems
-Websites on and off-site
-File and print servers
-Linux servers
-Sensitive business information
-HIPAA compliant, confidential data

Our Secura DRS system runs in the background to ensure your data is always backed up and ready to restore in case something bad happens. Using proprietary and industry standard encryption technologies, privacy and security is kept at the highest levels possible with current technology. All data is encrypted to the highest encryption standards available.

Some of our customers include Medical facilities, Manufacturing companies, Logistics and Software houses.


Hard drives fail, systems are damaged by fire and other natural disasters. Users accidentally delete or overwrite files. Equipment is also subject to theft and vandalism. Most businesses THINK they have their data safe but statistics show that as much as 92% of small to medium businesses do not have a proper disaster recovery system in place.


Our Secura DRS plans are affordable. Our base plan of 200GB carries sufficient backup capacity for most small to medium business. Our plans also 100% scalable and will grow as you grow.

We can store anywhere from 200GB to Exabytes of your data. 1 Exabyte equals 1 BILLION Gigabytes!

We also have the capability to store single files of up to 5TB (Terabytes) in size.


Our system stores your data using the same robust technology, security and on the same Datacenter arrays as top companies like SmugMug, Pinterest, Tumblr and other companies worldwide. Our availability is guaranteed up to 99.99% every month.
Don’t wait until a failure, user error, natural disaster or theft occurs to get a proper backup solution in place.
Call or email us today to get a free remote assessment and quote.
SerraTECH IT Business Consulting

Here are some of the most common Business services we provide:

  • Tech Consulting
  • Server Migration
  • Domain Setup
  • Bulk computer upgrades
  • Bulk computer installations
  • Network infrastructure
  • Cable testing
  • Firewall deployment
  • Server deployment
  • Network Administration
  • Enterprise Networking (Firewalls, etc.)
  • Activity monitoring
  • Network Storage (SAN, NAS, etc.)
  • Terminal Servers
  • Virtualization (Hyper-V, Vcenter)
  • Server maintenance
  • Windows password recovery
  • Active Directory setup
  • Domain Networking
  • Disaster Recovery setup
  • VPN deployment
  • ERP & WMS Systems
  • VoIP & PBX phone systems
  • Network Printer setup