STECH Vantage: Managed Services


Increase your up-time with SerraTECH’s Vantage Managed Services

Think about it: Why wait until a system fails to call tech support? How about a cost effective and efficient approach to IT services? With our real-time health monitoring of all your servers and workstations, we keep you up and running by detecting issues before they become a problem.

This allows us to take action before you even notice anything is wrong and get it fixed remotely and fast.

Here are just some of the parameters we monitor on all of your Workstations and Servers:

-Hard drive free space
-Hard drive free space abrupt change
-Hard drive potential mechanical failure (Up to 72 hours prior)
-System temperature
-System Fan operation
-Antivirus definition updates
-Windows updates and patches
-Internet connectivity
-Internal network connectivity
-Other potential hardware failures

Once a faulty condition or pre-set threshold is reached, we get notified instantly and take the best action possible.

Don’t let issues build up to become huge nightmares. Prevent and prevail.

Contact us for a customized quote built specifically for your operation, big or small.

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